I have relied on Cheryl Curtis and the Kicks for Kids program for three years now in keeping my students in good athletic shoes. Not only do I use these shoes as loaners for my PE classes, but I put on average 100 pairs of shoes on students’ feet per year. Working in a title 1 school, a lot of my students get free or reduced breakfast and lunches. A lot of them do not have the means to get good shoes for athletics or everyday use. At least twice a week I will get a call from my administrator saying he is sending someone to me. These kids come to me wearing shoes that are taped together, or wearing old used winter boots to school that are too big for them. So I take them in and size them up. I even had a student from the high school next door come over this year because the only foot wear he had was a pair of hiking boots! Thanks Kicks for kids for helping my kids be successful in my class!

Lance Swick, P.E./Math Teacher, Houston Middle School

The shoes have been such a blessing to our school. We have about 60% of our student body on free/reduced lunch. It is a lifesaver to most of these families.

Laurie Bevan – PE/Music Teacher, Sutton Elementary School

This program meets a real need and truly puts shoes and boots on our student’s feet. The look on the kids’ faces…..is priceless.

Timothy Andrew – Principal, Creekside Elementary School ASD

The Basics” is a valuable program that encourages our youth to stay healthy and active by providing children in need with gumshoes and winter gear…. We commend you for your tireless efforts to strengthen the well being of the individuals in the community where we live and operate.

Denali Kempple – Executive Vice-President, General Counsel Arctic Slope Regional Corporations (ASRC)

You have stepped in and solved the HUGE problem at Airport Heights Elementary…Knowing that I can get a pair of shoes for any of our students…on a moments notice…is so remarkable to me. Thank you

Cheryl Childers – Health/SEL Teacher, Airport Heights, Eagle River, Rogers Park

I hope you know how much this means to our school. So many of our students come from extreme poverty and this gift has brightened many a child’s life at our school.

Cheryl – Health Teacher, Airport Heights Elementary

This program allows all students the means to proper equipment and therefore the means to be successful.

Charissa Chmielewski – Physical Education Teacher, Service High School

Over 180 pairs of shoes were give to these very appreciative children. Thank you to “Kicks for Kids” and all their volunteers that pay it forward to these precious children whom I care so much about. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.

Amy Humsucker – Health Specialist, Ptarmigan Elementary

The students were so excited and appreciative. I can personally vouch how the donation helped with the students feeling more motivated.

Kari Brookover – Physical Education, McLaughlin Youth Center